We are the Gunns!  We are two design professionals who sold our condo in New Jersey, quit our jobs, put everything we own (well almost) into storage and traveled to all 48 states in the continental U.S. with our fur baby, a golden retriever named Lucy. Our home for 12 months was our 2018 Winnebago Travato 59g, see specs here.  We named him "Comet", and yes he's a boy.  Follow our 48 State Trip in the Blog section, see our 48 state map Here , or visit our Instagrams accounts to see photos from our trip.

We are now weekend warriors living and working in Seattle Washington. We don’t plan to ditch our van Comet anytime soon. We still have to see Alaska and many more places in the U.S.




Architect & Blogger

Netflix and Chill kind of girl. Although staying warm is her highest priority, Katharine is a traveler at heart. She loves to plan new trips and adventures in her free time. Once in awhile she will trick herself into going on a hike that she knows she will complain about until we reach the top….but once we are home and back in her natural habitat she is always happy that we went on a hike.




Photographer & Graphic Designer

A traveler and explorer at heart. Humz is always pinning new road trips, hiking trails, and photoshoot locations. When driving he often pulls over to take photos during golden hour, which drives his wife bananas. His favorite subject to photograph is his dog since he can bribe her with treats ; ).




Dog Model & Van Security

She loves long walks on the beach. Off-leash of course ; ). She loves climbing rocks and running and splashing around in the mud. If you had to pick a perfect date; she would say it would be a picnic on the beach… and of course someone else's picnic blanket and food.